FLOS Utilizes Innovative Technology with Bio-On Plastic

FLOS Utilizes Innovative Technology with Bio-On Plastic

3rd Feb 2016

FLOS collaborates with bio-on, an Italian company that specializes in creating completely natural products and solutions through the application of modern biotechnology, to create lighting made with PHAs, a 100% natural, water-biodegradable bio-plastic.

The creativity, experience and global presence of FLOS combined with the innovation of bio-on, the sole owner of the technology to produce PHAs bio-plastic, resulted in a truly original collaboration the industry has seen in years.

FLOS is collaborating with bio-on to create lighting made from completely natural materials through the application of biotechnology.

The PHAs biopolymer is revolutionary because it is made from the waste materials of sugar beet and cane production (so it has zero impact on the food cycle), and requires no organic solvents. It is completely biodegradable in soil and water and provides exceptional performance. 

In the test phase, the first FLOS light to be produced with this material was Miss Sissi lamp, the FLOS lamp designed in 1991 by Philippe Starck.

“We are proud to be presenting the world’s very first design product made with our biopolymer PHAs together with such a prestigious and well-known brand as FLOS. Thanks to this collaboration," explains bio-on managing director Marco Astorri, “we can really launch a new era. The technology is available at a global level and, with the range of biopolymers developed by bio-on, it is now possible to create a vast range of objects in all of the sectors currently using plastic”.

PHAs Bio-Plastic by Biotechnology Technology

“We are pleased to be entering this new challenge for the future,” says Piero Gandini, Chairman and managing director of FLOS S.p.A., “which represents the non-stop Italian innovative spirit, splendidly exemplified by bio-on. We cannot wait to continue the tests on other products and materials, so that there can soon be a turning point in environmentally-friendly production, already encapsulated by our ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ Soft Architecture material. These bio-on polymers - although we cannot really call them polymers and a new name should be coined - are a total revolution in the relationship between mass production and environment. We are pleased and honored to work with such a gifted and enthusiastic team as bio-on.”

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