Home Makeover by Modern Lighting Designs

Home Makeover by Modern Lighting Designs

29th Nov 2017

Wall Rupture by FLOS Soft Architecture

The home is an extremely personal environment and there is a strong desire for to call a space our own. Homeowners seek out interior designers, decorators, architects and other professionals to help them create a truly unique environment, and countless websites, magazines, and even television shows are dedicated to the home makeover, investigating how residences can be redesigned to fit the lifestyles and personalities of their owners. The most successful interiors feel singular, like they couldn't exist anywhere else in the world. They create an ideal experience for the inhabitant, instilling a sense of relaxation, excitement, or whatever other feeling is desired. In these cases, a designer has done more than bring beautiful designs into the space – he or she has changed the nature of the space itself. FLOS Soft Architectural lighting solutions are created with this sort of customization in mind. They create new experiences of light in space that fuse art, design, and functionality to not only enhance, but define environments. Here are three ways to give your home a FLOS home lighting makeover:

Elevate the Basics

USL Out by FLOS Soft Architecture

Don't take the most basic lighting needs for granted. Functional lighting is an opportunity to transform everyday moments- like making breakfast or eating dinner - into full events. USL Out, pictured above, introduces a new gravity-defying shape to the kitchen as an exciting alternative to the popular pendant light style.

Soft Spun, pictured below, plays on traditional expectations and invents a new expression for a classic form. Designed by Sebastian Wrong to have minimal visual impact, this light subtly creates interest without dominating the visual profile of a room, making it perfect for bringing a special element to an existing space.

USO Lights by  FLOS Soft Architecture

Think Tall

Softprofile by FLOS Soft Architecture

For a dramatic look, make over a room with a floor-to-ceiling slash of light. Pictured above, Softprofile Deco can perfectly integrate with or even define a room's architecture. Textural options offer even greater customization: the Philippe Starck version inspired by Long and Hard, and the Marcel Wanders version inspired by Skygarden's swirling interior.

Like Softprofile Deco, Wall Rupture adds vertical movement and emphasizes the full height of a space. Here, the concept takes on a more organic form, appearing as a rift in the earth to reveal an invigorating gold or peaceful silver seam. As so many lighting designs are divided into individual units - a bulb, lamp, or single screen of LEDs - these extended shapes feel refreshing and surprising.

Wall Rupture by FLOS Soft Architecture

Think Outside the Box

USO Cove by FLOS Soft Architecture

There's no rule that rooms have to have six smooth sides joined as a box. Add texture and dimension with lighting designs that pop off of or carve into the walls. Recessed lighting, like USO Cove pictured above, doesn't crowd a low-ceilinged room the way multiple traditional fixtures might, and creates a more modern and polished feel.

The theatrical Wall Piercing by Ron Gilad has the opposite effect, extending into the room with a sculptural aesthetic. Both USO Cove and Wall Piercing feature RGB LED technology, so the color of the light can be altered to further extend the emotional specificity of the space. Part light, part artwork, these designs demand attention.

Wall Piercing by FLOS Soft Architecture

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