FLOS Acquires Lukas Lighting

Custom solutions by Lukas Lighting at Capital One

FLOS has a long history of seeking out the greatest collaborators in order to offer the most comprehensive and innovative lighting solutions, and the latest acquisition is no different. Recently added to the FLOS portfolio, Lukas Lighting contributes new capabilities in American-made and custom designed solutions for FLOS's North American audience.

Flos RIGA architectural lighting at Rocco Forte Hotels.

The NYC-based Lukas Lighting specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of customized lighting. They've worked on beautiful corporate interiors, retail chains, hospitality, and more with clients like JP Morgan Chase, Michael Kors, and Four Seasons Hotels. Designers have been drawn to their ability to tailor and engineer each project bases on the client's specific needs. This experience and expertise greatly complements and significantly increases the capabilities of the already successful FLOS Architectural division.

These increased capabilities support the design of environments that incorporate lighting in sophisticated and creative ways. Instead of finding lighting to suit a previously designed space, custom solutions and integrated possibilities give architects and designers free reign to creatively imagine new experiences of light. As always, FLOS is committed to supporting the exploration of the most innovative design ideas.In March of 2015, FLOS also acquired Ares, a leading manufacturer of architectural outdoor lighting. With the newly added Lukas Lighting, FLOS can be sure they're offering the most comprehensive services possible today.

Curious about these new possibilities? Explore the FLOS line of Architectural Lighting, or learn more about Lukas Lighting.

FLOS Acquires Lukas Lighting
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