Explore Unique Floor Lamps to Suit Your Taste

Explore Unique Floor Lamps to Suit Your Taste

22nd Feb 2019

When designing the interiors of a house, the décor becomes the single most important aspect of how the space will look and feel. From the colors of the walls to the type of ceiling, and from furniture selection to the pieces of art that would adorn the tables and shelves, there is a lot of thought that goes into beautifying a space. While the entire house may have connecting elements that bind the different rooms together, every individual space has its own identity and purpose.

Lighting is an inseparable and indispensable part of interior décor as it plays a massive role in establishing the character of a room. Floor lamps add layers of depth in terms of lighting and can complement your primary décor scheme.

Here are a few room lighting ideas and tips that can help you get started with selecting the ideal modern floor lamps.

Choosing the Right Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are offered in a number of lighting styles, colors, combinations and options. For instance, if you are watching television or reading the newspaper, the right floor lamp can really give you a proper measure of illumination for different situations. With a wide array of brightness settings and other adjustment options, contemporary floor lamps offer several choices and possibilities.

1. Multipurpose

If you are on the lookout for a floor lamp that is contemporary and yet has a distinct vintage charm, the Bibliotheque Nationale is a great choice. Designed by the master of lighting, Philippe Starck, the Bibliotheque Nationale is a modern wonder; it is both a lamp and a striking-yet-sleek bookstand. Starck himself calls the lamp “a magic bookcase where books take flight towards the light.” This ambient floor lamp emits diffused light and can illuminate your home effectively. Invoking the transformative power of literature, this lamp comes with polished stainless-steel brackets. The base, stand and diffuser are made of chrome-plated, die-cast zinc. With diffuser options that include transparent, aluminized bronze/silver, fumée, or plissé cloth, this sleek floor light is the perfect addition to any modern bedroom, study or living room.

Bibliotheque Nationale Floor Lamp by Philippe Starck

2. Minimalistic-yet-effective

Minimalism is a modern-day trend that is here to stay. A fantastic way to complement your minimalistic décor is by choosing a floor lamp that is equally elegant and uncomplicated. The Rosy Angelis, for instance, is Philippe Starck’s incredible take on a lamp that does its job without meddling with the space it functions in. With a signature lightweight polyester fabric diffuser and aluminum tripod legs , this unique floor lamp holds its own in a room and without overpowering the surroundings.

Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp by Philippe Starck

3. Dynamic and flexible

Floor lamps are meant to be portable and flexible, however, very few modern floor lamps actually offer that kind of flexibility to the user. Captain Flint by Michael Anastassiades is an exception – it is not only graceful and slim, but also extremely versatile in terms of how it can be used and positioned. Smart, stunning and adaptable, Captain Flint stands on a white Carrara or black Marquina marble base and it is a sight to behold. Its spinning cone diffuser on top delivers direct light and can be positioned according to your needs. In the designer’s own words, “I wanted to design a light that was dual purpose,” he says. “It is an up lighter, illuminating the space with ambient lighting, and its rotation also offers a dim companion for reading. There’s a notion of balance, with a cone resting delicately on its point on a rotating rod.” With a 10 to 100% light adjustment option, this finely-balanced piece is just what you need in your bedroom or study.

Captain Flint Floor Lamp by Michael Anastassiades

4. Artistic

If you gravitate towards creative things then the décor of your personal space should reflect this interest. We are advocates of adding a final standout layer to your space. There are a number of Italian floor lights that can add another dimension to your space. Tobia Scarpa’s masterpiece the Fantasma, inspired by the transformative environment of a cocoon, is a piece of art that doubles as an efficient modern floor lamp. Its awe-inspiring silhouette glows with a diffused light, the intensity can be adjusted according to your needs.

Fantasma Floor Lamp by Tobia Scarpa

From sophisticated contemporary lights to transitional lamps, there are innumerable combinations that you can opt for when designing the lighting plan for an interior space. Depending on your lighting needs and desired aesthetic for each room, pick from our wide variety of unique modern floor lamps.

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