Elevate your Exterior with our new Outdoor Lighting Collection

Elevate your Exterior with our new Outdoor Lighting Collection

16th Apr 2020

A new outdoor lighting collection featuring eight designs by Michael Anastassiades, Piero Lissoni, and Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby to help you illuminate your outdoor sanctuary. FLOS debuts new fixtures and upgraded beloved designs, so it’s easy to find the ideal lighting style for your home.

Create your outdoor oasis with new exterior lighting from FLOS

Climber 87

FLOS Climber 87 Wall Sconce for the Outdoors - Shop at FLOS USA

The Climber 87*, designed by Piero Lissoni, is a wall-mounted fixture that illuminates extreme heights. The LED light source emits light both up and down from the vertically mounted, geometric design. If you’re looking for a modern and minimalist design, the Climber 87 is suitable for any space. Looking for more sizes? More models are available on our FLOS USA's Architectural website.


Another design by Piero Lissoni is the Camouflage. Imitating the effect of a lunar eclipse in a dark sky, the Camouflage creates a halo of light. The ultra-thin LED wall sconce blends seamlessly as it sits flush against the wall. There are ten stone and painted finishes available which will create the perfect integration with any outdoor oasis.

Captain Flint Outdoors

Flos Captain Flint Outdoor Floor Lamp

One of our iconic floor lamps has gone outdoors: Captain Flint by Michael Anastassiades. The new version of the Captain Flint Outdoor (and indoor) is made with waterproof materials and finishes in new colors, built to withstand environmental conditions. The conical diffuser can be rotated into eight different positions to provide optimum lighting for reading or as an uplight in open areas. The base of the light is created with precious Italian stones: lava stone extracted from Sicily or travertino imperiale stone from Tuscany.

IC Lights Outdoors

One of FLOS’s most popular designs, IC Lights, has a new free spirit. Anastassiades’ In&Out design allows the IC Light to move easily between indoors and outdoors spaces. Still featuring the blown glass sphere, the body and base of the light is made with waterproof materials, new finishes, and Italian stones for the base. Anastassiades was originally inspired by a juggler balancing spheres and used this idea to create a modern, timeless look.

With all of the variety in FLOS’s new outdoor collection, there are endless possibilities and combinations to create an oasis outside. Our new products come in many different finishes and textures for any style. The two iconic floor lamps by Michael Anastassiades, the Captain Flint and the IC Light, can be placed anywhere between indoors and out. If you’re looking for a versatile piece, these designs will be long lasting and adaptable.


FLOS Bellhop Bollard Outdoor Path Lighting

The treasured Bellhop has made the leap to our outdoor collection. Originally designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, the Bellhop was meant to be a modern candle emitting soft, diffused light. The Bellhop Bollard has been designed to light pathways and outdoor landscapes. The fixture uses the latest LED technology inside the lamp head to radiate light downwards along the pole.

bellhop wall ceiling outdoor lighting Bellhop Wall Bellhop Wall Ceiling in Black

The Bellhop has also been created for the Wall & Ceiling. Perfect for deck, porch, and patio wall illumination, the Bellhop Wall Sconce can be mounted for a diffused light in any outdoor space. There are seven available exterior finishes to compliment your space.

Landlord Soft

The Landlord Soft has an adjustable headlight, made to be installed on ground poles for outdoor use, offering soft, diffused lighting. The design has an aluminum disk shape head and can come in seven finishes. This fixture is great for lighting pathways or flower beds to highlight the features of your exterior space.

For fixtures lighting pathways or ground areas, use the Landlord Soft or the Bellhop Bollard. These two lights both emit a diffused light that is simple and timeless.

Landlord Spot

For wall mounted fixtures, use the Climber 87*, Camouflage, Landlord Spot wall-mounted, and Bellhop wall & ceiling as the go-to options. Each design provides a different form of lighting, whether it be vertical, circular, spotlight, or diffused light. Use these fixtures on a fence or along outdoor walls to provide guided light around your exterior setting.

Start creating your own retreat to enjoy this summer. Shop the new outdoor collection by FLOS can be found on the website.

*Additional sizes and color temperatures are available on our Architectural site, please consult our sales representatives for pricing.

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