Dynamic Sanctuary by The Principals

Dynamic Sanctuary by The Principals

2nd Feb 2016

Dynamic Sanctuary - light-based installation

Dynamic Sanctuary, a light-based installation by Brooklyn design studio The Principals detects and pulses with the biorhythms of its visitors. Commissioned by Ford Motors, and created for NYCxDesign 2015, the interactive installation was an experiment in light and spatial therapy based on visitors' stress levels.

Dynamic Sanctuary - NYCxDesign 2015

The piece, constructed of mirror-polished plexiglass, a series of tessellating Coroplast plastic modular elements and over 100 high-powered LED lights. The Coroplast were custom cut into tessellating triangles and wired with the LEDs for an all-encompassing visual and sensory effect. With over 6000K, the lights glow a serene blue hue that fades to white along the floor.

Dynamic Sanctuary - light-based installation for NYCxDesign 2015

Visitors, who were invited to enter one or two at a time wore a finger pulse monitor, animating the interior decorative lights to sync with their heartbeat.

Dynamic Sanctuary light-based installation - NYCxDesign 2015

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