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Desk Lighting For The Modern Workstation

In the days of old, a fine work desk -- known in the contemporary as a workstation or terminal -- was a mixture of woods and rustic elements, a few items of sentimental value and one or several oversized lighting fixtures. In stark contrast: welcome to 2016.

A new kind of personal creative space has been prancing the workplace: the modern workstation -- better known to computer gamers as a battlestation, or programmers as a terminal -- and with it, some freedom to insert one’s own creative tastes in order to assist with the creation of better work. Energy-efficient but aesthetically brilliant light fixtures exist that can light spaces and create the scene needed for one’s optimal productivity.

While the arrangement and requirements of a workstation vary from person-to-person, most elegant and modern workstations I’ve seen in New York City make some use of minimalism -- or better yet, a lack of clutter, even during crunchtimes.

But of course, a workstation is not only form and but functions, and if you can’t see anything you’re working on, then the whole concept is lost.

FLOS partners with a many designers from all over the world to produce timeless desk lighting that looks great in most setups, two of which have produced the desk lamps I am recommending here. Antonio Citterio’s Kelvin LED lamp and Philippe Starck’s D’E-LIGHT.

My favorite of the two is the Kelvin LED lamp, designed by Citterio. A hefty base but a very flexible frame means that it can be adjusted to fit a variety of angles or desk spaces, but also takes influences from the times we live in -- one of energy awareness. Equipped with a motion sensor to switch between different light intensities as well as a daylight sensor that automatically adjusts for effective lighting.

What is most appealing about the Kelvin is despite its adaptable aluminum frame, it comes in colors that should satisfy most: anthracite (my favorite), chrome, glossy black and glossy white finishes.

Though, not all of us are lover of stark minimalism. Therefore, it doesn’t take too much searching in FLOS’ own catalogue to come across another desk lamp, designed by none other than Starck: the D’E-LIGHT.

Though its presence from afar is subtle, being up-close on a desk reveals it’s a lamp of true modern technology, merged with aesthetics from the 80’s. An analogy: the Kelvin is to the established professional as the D’E-LIGHT is to the intern. It offers LED light as well, but comes with an adaptable charging port for Lighting, micro-USB and legacy Apple connectors. Working and keeping your devices ready for the next assignment is a smart move by any means, and Starck’s design allows for the freedom of more space on your desk, by being conservatives yet progressive.

Some notes for those looking to fit either LED lamp in their setup: the Kelvin is suited for larger, more collaborative work spaces or offices. The D’E-LIGHT is better suited for smaller, more cubicle-like setups, due to its small size, while also being the more economical of the two.

Both are stylistic options for a modern workstation and are available either in-store or online at FLOS.

Desk Lighting For The Modern Workstation
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