Introducing Copycat Lamp by Michael Anastassiades creates poetry

Introducing Copycat Lamp by Michael Anastassiades creates poetry

3rd Feb 2016

24K Gold Copycat Lamp by Michael Anastassiades

"Two spheres just touch each other. One small, in a precious material, placed under the ‘shadow’ of the large one, in illuminated glass." - Michael Anastassiades

Cyprus-born London-based designer Michael Anastassiades is widely acknowledged for his creations that blend art and functionality to perfection. In the simplicity of his designs lies their craftsmanship, and this member of the decorative collection of FLOS, the Italian luxury lighting brand, is no different.

Presenting the Original Copycat

Copycat Lamp by Michael Anastassiades

The designer created Copycat, a designer table lamp for FLOS. Coming after the hugely successful IC Light family of lamps, Copycat brings into sharp focus the designer’s minimalist and expressive approach along with his constant search for purity in everyday things.

Copycat is a table lamp providing diffused lighting and is made up of two perfect spheres that are placed in gentle contact with each other, maintaining what we define as a delicate, poetic balance.

The smaller sphere resides in the larger one's shadow and hides an LED source that radiates the lighting beam inside the bigger orb and delivers a smooth and uniform light. While the smaller sphere is available in several finishes (in precious materials including galvanized 24-karat gold, polished aluminum, black nickel, and copper), the larger globe is made of matte illuminated glass. The light comes with a dimmer switch.

Anastassiades, who has a penchant for combining shiny surfaces with simple geometric shapes to create objects d'art, has delivered another masterpiece in this sophisticated, timeless piece. Copycat is the perfect match for a variety of interior décor styles.

Bring home the Copycat and watch the beautiful chemistry between shadow and light enhance your personal space.

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