Choosing the Right Ceiling Lights for Your Home - Modern Ceiling Lights

Choosing the Right Ceiling Lights for Your Home - Modern Ceiling Lights

22nd Feb 2019

Following a “layered” approach when it comes to interior home décor works well as layering makes everything look and feel complete. For instance, you might feel that one wall lamp can emit enough light in terms of brightness and intensity to illuminate an entire room. However, layering this one lamp with the right ceiling lights, floor lamps and/or table lamps can add more depth to the same room. A layered approach not only helps illuminate the important parts of the room, but also serves specific purposes, providing an efficient blend of overall lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

The wall and ceiling lamps in your home typically act as the primary source of illumination. Additional floor and table lamps can add the much-needed layers to the lighting once you have your ceiling lights in place. It is important that how to choose ceiling lights judiciously, since they can shape the feel of a room.

With the plethora of options available to you, it might seem daunting to select lamps that are the perfect fit for your specific needs. Let us explore the main types of modern ceiling lamps that are available in the market. 

Types of Modern Ceiling Lights

1. Pendant lights

Lights suspended from the ceiling with the help of a string or cable, modern pendant lamps come in various shapes and sizes. Pendant lights usually work best in modern kitchens and dining rooms, since they enable effective illumination of targeted areas such as the dining table or kitchen island. While most modern pendants offer efficient downlighting, there are some that also allow the user to mix and match in case you are looking for up lighting and downlighting options simultaneously. For example, Achille Castiglioni’s irresistible  Fucsia 8 pendant light is comprised of eight cones that are designed to provide downlighting. Another clean option is the the Bouroullec Brothers’ bestselling AIM Small which provides direct lighting, giving the user the flexibility to position the canopy as they wish to.

2. Strip or Track Lighting

Among contemporary and ultramodern ceiling lights, the concept of track lighting stands out thanks to its ability to let you set up multiple ceiling lights in one go. There are numbers of great strip lighting or track lighting options that you can choose from, depending on what kind of look you are hoping to achieve. From LED strips and inconspicuous ceiling lamp strips to innovative tracks and those with a vintage touch, the options are galore. This type of lighting is best used to illuminate hallways, kitchens and rooms that require a consistent warm glow around the ceiling.

3. Chandeliers

The eons-old lights or light-holders that we associate the word “chandeliers” with have evolved and there are now a host of choices that complement different aesthetics. From gigantic living rooms and stately dining rooms to contemporary bedrooms and spaces where you wish to add that vintage touch, there is a vast assortment of chandelier designs that you can pick from. Elaborate designs with a traditional touch, like the  2097 Chandelier by Gino Sarfatti, are fantastic as an overhead dining table light. And if want a more customizable, contemporary style, Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades lets you experiment with the design. In case you want a distinctive chandelier that blends art and function, check out the Zeppelin by Marcel Wanders.

4. Flush-Mounted Ceiling Lights

When you have rooms that have low ceilings (for example, the closet, study, bathroom or kitchen), it is best to opt for modern flush-mounted ceiling lamps like the  Smithfield C. Available in various color options, this is a subtle option that provides direct lighting that you can adjust according to the space and time of the day. The Skygarden Recessed lamp is another great option with an intricate interior that will delight onlookers.

Modern homes call for a great deal of thought and consideration when choosing ceiling lamps and it is practically impossible to imagine a well-lit home without the right ceiling lights in it. Modern ceiling lamps are not only sources of light and illumination – they can also complement the décor of your house and add dimension to every room.

IC Lights C/W Modern Ceiling Lights

IC Lights C/W Modern Ceiling Lights

Skygarden Recessed Ceiling Light

Skygarden Recessed Ceiling Light

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