How to Choose the Perfect Floor Lamp for the Living Space

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Lamp for the Living Space

12th Jul 2019

Contemporary or vintage, bohemian or industrial, every décor style needs the perfect lighting to set the mood and ambiance right. When it comes to lighting, floor lamps have become a staple indoor lighting piece that serves both functional and aesthetic purpose, they create a relaxing ambiance with their soft lighting and versatility, they provide a wonderful way to illuminate a designated work area or reading nook, they also cast soft light across the entire room.

A well-designed floor lamp is a perfect way to add a finishing touch to any living space by not only complementing the interior design but also by making a unique statement of its own. We’ve come up with a little guide on how to choose the right modern Italian floor lamp for your living space, thereby adding an extra touch of glamour and charm.

For starters, let’s discuss the things to keep in mind while choosing your floor lamp:

Consider Your Living Room

As a design feature, a floor lamp should be able to make a statement in your living space without clashing with the room’s palette or dimensions. Be sure that the floor lamp matches the scale of your room. A tall floor lamp does well filling up empty height in a room with a high ceiling. On the other hand, a large floor lamp doesn’t go well next to a small piece of furniture. Choose a floor lamp with the right materials and colors that match the personality of your space. You want to achieve balance and make sure your floor lamp blends well with the rest of the interior design.

Consider the Desired Function

Choosing the right floor lamp also depends mainly on what you’re planning to use it for. For instance, if you’re planning to use it as accent lighting, you’ll go for something more decorative or a statement piece. If, on the other hand, it’s something assigned to a task, such as a reading nook lamp, you’ll go with something that directs light downwards. Choose a lamp that directs light upwards or at multiple angles if you’re looking for an ambient lighting feature.

Consider Eye-Level

To determine eye-level, sit down on a sofa or chair in your living room and measure the height from the floor to your eye level. The shade should ideally stop at your eye level for the most comfortable,glare-free enjoyment of light. However, you can use a taller lamp to cast more ambient light. The point is to avoid glare. Another good way to cast ambient light across the room is by using torchiere floor lamps which direct light upwards toward the ceiling.

With this little guide, you’ll find the perfect floor lamp to suit your needs. Balance is the key but don’t be afraid to go for what appeals to you the most because the floor lamp will betaking the place of pride in your living room.

Here at FLOS, NYC, we’ve got a collection of unique, modern and award-winning Italian designer floor lamps that incorporate both clever innovation and stunning designs. Our selection includes beautiful pieces designed by Philippe Starck, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Marcel Wanders and more.

These unique floor lamps are boundto make a bold statement in your living space, no matter what function they serve. At the same time, they’ll complement both the color and material palette of your home, adding a touch of elegance no matter where they are placed.

Here are a few of the crème de lacrème designs at FLOS that will get you inspired:


SuperArchiMoon Floor Lamp - FLOS USA

This intelligent design by Philippe Starck is a king-sized and clever play on perspective. The SuperArchiMoon floor lamp provides both direct and diffused light with an external pleated fabric diffuser and internal hand-blown glass diffuser. The support for the diffusers is sand-cast aluminum while the rest of the structure is composed of tubular aluminum arms and tie rods.

The sand-cast aluminum base is counter weighted by six lead weights. Inspired by the humble desk lamp, Philippe Starck challenges our perspective on everyday things by scaling up!

ARCO, the Iconic Floor Lamp

Arco LED Lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

This masterpiece by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni has become an iconic design piece since its release in 1962. Having been featured in Hollywood classics including Diamonds are Forever and The Italian Job, it’s a true Hollywood icon.

The beveled corners of its beautiful Carrara marble base to the cleverly placed hole that allows for easy lifting, this lamp is an ode to details. The looming stainless steel arching stem allows for the diffusion of both direct and indirect light. The Arco LED lamp is enhanced with advanced and high powered technology to pay tribute to the great,classic design by the legendary designers.


FLOS Chrysalis Floor Lamp

Inspired by one of nature’s most magical transformations, this creation by Marcel Wanders was designed in 2011. Reminiscent of a beautiful vase, this lamp casts a soft diffused light illuminated by both fluorescent and halogen bulb. The “cocoon” resin elegantly winds itself around a stainless steel frame with a silk-screened glass frieze. Invoking the Chrysalis lamp that precedes the emergence of a beautiful butterfly, this lamp is truly a magnificent feature in any living space.

There’s no better feeling than being inspired by the creativity around us and these unique creations along with the many more featured in our selection are bound to whet the appetite for making the spaces around us beautiful.

Our unparalleled standing designer floor amps will help you add that mesmerizing touch. Keep in mind function, scale and palette to make sure you find the perfect lamp but don’t be afraid to play around and see what pleases your eye. These floor lamps offer a variety of design possibilities and we hope you savor every moment of the process in choosing the best floor lamp for your living space.

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