Your Complete Buying Guide to Modern Ceiling Lamps

Your Complete Buying Guide to Modern Ceiling Lamps

6th Dec 2019

Before selecting ceiling lights for a home, you should take in consideration the following aspects: Size, scale, design, make, style, finish, materials, type and more. This guide explains the concept of ceiling lights, discusses popular types of ceiling lamps, and expert planning and designing tips along with the latest trends and product ideas.

In most homes, ceiling lights and close-to-ceiling lamps serve as the primary source of illumination indoors. However, there are various types of ceiling lights that modern homeowners and interior designers can experiment with in order to create the right effect in every room.

Smithfield C Modern Ceiling Lamp

Smithfield C Modern Ceiling Dimmable Lamp

Here are the most popular types of ceiling lighting:

Flush mount ceiling lamps

These are flat lights that are mounted directly on the ceiling. Flush lighting fixtures usually work well in rooms that do not have a very high ceiling. Discreet, unobtrusive and low profile, these lamps connect directly to the power source, meaning that there is no space between the light and the ceiling.

Ideal for: Hallways, kitchens, bedrooms

Clara Modern LED Ceiling Lights

Clara Contemporary Ceiling Lamp – Dimmable LED Lights

Semi-flush mount ceiling lamps

As the name suggests, these lights are mounted on the ceiling, too, but generally hang just below the surface. Supported by a short stem below the canopy, semi-flush ceiling lights are decorative pieces that are more versatile compared to flush mount fixtures. They can be used for ambient lighting and offer effective light filtering both upwards and downwards.

Ideal for: Bedrooms, living room, entryways

IC Lights C/W Black Modern Ceiling Lights

IC Lights C/W Black Classic Ceiling Lights

Recessed ceiling lights

Also referred to as pot lights or can lights, recessed lights are ideal for rooms that have low-hanging ceilings. These fixtures are installed into an opening in the ceiling and provide soft, ambient lighting. What you see is not the entire fixture, but only the glass panel and trim, along with the illusion of light appearing directly from the ceiling. In case of a small room with a low ceiling, one or a few recessed ceiling lamps can work effectively. However, for larger rooms, you can opt for multiple recessed lights in a row or a square to set the right tone and intensity of light.

Ideal for: Entryways, bedrooms, kitchens

Skygarden Recessed Ceiling Light

Skygarden Recessed Ceiling Light

What is your purpose for buying ceiling lighting?

You will find most homes treating ceiling lamps as the primary source of illumination. However, that might not always be the case. Modern-day trends, experimental décor, and the abundance of the versatile wall, pendant, floor and desk lamps mean that ceiling lights could also be considered as a complementary set of lamps that are meant to layer the primary lighting.

It is important to define your purpose before you start comparing styles and ceiling lighting products. If you already have the décor for your rooms in place, think about what kind of lighting can add value to it, enhance its character and provide efficient lighting at the same time.

Since ceiling lights are generally great sources of ambient illumination, it is best to invest in a set of lamps that do so while also looking gorgeous.

Glo-Ball C Contemporary Ceiling Lamp

Glo-Ball C Designer Ceiling Lamp

Modern ceiling lighting comes in various shapes, sizes, styles, makes and finishes. Choosing the right ones for your needs can become simpler once you establish your purpose. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for ceiling lighting fixtures:

Size and number – The number of ceiling lights you need would largely depend upon the size of the room you wish to install them in and the kind of effect you want to achieve through this type of lighting. As stated above, one or a couple of ceiling lights could be sufficient for smaller rooms, while larger rooms with higher ceilings may require you to install a set of similar ceiling lights in a row or pattern.

Brightness – Most contemporary ceiling lamps come with an adjustable brightness feature or dimmer switch. It is important that you look for this feature in the fixture of your choice, since it provides you with the flexibility to manipulate the brightness in the room, depending on what time of the day it is, or what tone you wish to set in an indoor space.

Installation – When selecting a product, read up or inquire about the installation in detail. Ceiling lamps are generally trickier to install and set up as compared to desk lamps or floor lamps. Some fixtures (especially flush mount and semi-flush mount ones) may require you to drill holes in the ceiling.

Maintenance – Check things such as the life of the bulb, switches and other accessories when buying ceiling lamps. While premium ceiling lights hardly need any kind of maintenance or looking after, it is always good to understand what the life of the fixture and its parts is.

Cost – The price is another key factor that you should look at when making the buying decision. While top-end products from well-known designers and brands are bound to cost more, the price needs to be justified.

Mini Button ADA Ceiling Lamp

Mini Button Lamp - ADA Wall and Ceiling Lights

As they say, ceiling lights can make contemporary homes stand out and add a certain amount of elegance and tonality to any indoor space. At FLOS, you will find some of the best ceiling light inspiration from the world’s most acclaimed designers, including the likes of Michael Anastassiades, Tobia Scarpa, Piero Lissoni, Antonio Citterio, Ron Gilad, Philippe Starck and Jasper Morrison.

Browse through our selection of contemporary ceiling lights here.

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