2018: What are the biggest trends in lighting?

2018: What are the biggest trends in lighting?

31st Jul 2018

The future is bright when it comes to lighting trends—literally. Here’s what is just ahead in the world of lighting technology.

Li-Fi: Your WiFi is so 2017. In the coming months, listen for new on Li-Fi, a wireless networking technology that uses LEDs to transmit data. It will use the LED lightbulbs already in your home, and offer speeds that are faster than traditional WiFi (up to 224 gigabits per second for those of you counting).

Connected Lighting: Want to dim the lights in your room… from around the world? Connected lighting lets you do that and more. Enabling your everyday light bulbs with smart technology, connected lighting allows you to control your lights from an app on your phone or via the Web. “Connected” lighting also reacts to schedules you set—dimming or changing color as your needs change throughout the day.

Power Over Ethernet Powering LEDs: Forget to plug in the light? No problem. With Power-Over-Ethernet technologies, you’ll see technologies that power LEDs using communications cable instead of conventional electric wiring.

3D Printed Light Products: 3D printing is as close to magical as it gets—and if doctors can print out human organs (they can!) it stands to reason that you could create any light device you can dream up. Imagine a table lamp printed in the shape of a leaf you found on a gorgeous fall day, or like a billowing cloud of smoke. With 3D printing, anything is possible.

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