A Round-Up of the Best Contemporary Reading Lamps

A Round-Up of the Best Contemporary Reading Lamps

7th Jun 2019

For a really long time, you had “reading lamps” that failed to do the very thing they were supposed to – provide functional light for reading text. They were either bulky, vintage lamps that were inefficient in terms of illuminating a small and specific area, or so-called modern desk lamps that produced a substandard quality of light.

Companies like FLOS, however, have been known to deliver an assortment of table lamps and contemporary reading lamps that not only serve the purpose to perfection, but also make a massive style statement.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Reading Lamp

Reading, writing and studying text material requires just the right amount and intensity of light that can make the experience enjoyable and free of any strain to the eyes or head. There a few things you must keep in mind while choosing a reading lamp:

  • While doing a high-concentration job like reading or writing, it is recommended that you opt for task lighting or focused lighting instead of relying on ambient or overhead general lighting.
  • Remember that too much light or glaring light from reflective surfaces is just as bad for your eyes as very little light.
  • Make sure that you don’t rely on one single reading lamp in an otherwise dark room – this can make your reading experience tiring. Ensure that you have some ambient or general lighting in addition to the desk lamp that you choose for reading.

5 of the Best Contemporary Reading Lamps for Your Home or Office

Here are our top picks in terms of contemporary reading lamps that are efficient, unique and stylish.

1. Tab T - LED Table Lamp with Adjustable Head in White or Black

Tab T - Contemporary Reading Lamp

This table lamp comes from the house of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, two designers who are known for the irinnovative spirit and modernistic taste in design. The Tab T reading lamp features a multi-LED diffuser that has been created to avoid the “multi-shadow” effect and dazzle. The lamp’s contemporary style and design, along with an adjustable head with a ±45-degree rotation capability, make it one of the best reading lights for home as well as office spaces. Its body is painted with pressofused aluminum, giving it a classy and sophisticated look.

2. D'e-Light LED Table Lamp with Lighting Connector and USB

D’E Light - Modern Reading Lamp

It is the era of smart things –phones, wearables, homes, offices, cars and even lights! The D’E Light,designed by Philippe Starck, blends functionality and new technology together,keeping in mind the needs and demands of the modern user. The table lamp provides an optimally-oriented light flow that can be adjusted to two intensities (50% or 100%). Chic and sleek, this desk lamp provides unparalleled lighting comfort and offers a fresh perspective on how we look at lighting systems. The light’s ON/OFF switch works on the Soft Touch Technology™. This LED reading light also serves as a charging device for portable devices – talk about a multipurpose contemporary reading lamp!

3. Mini Kelvin LED - Table Lamp with Soft-Touch Dimmer

Mini Kelvin LED - Best Reading Table Lamp

This small-yet-powerful Kelvin LED family member, designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, packs a punch and can compete with any other reading lamp in the market. The MiniKelvin LED with Soft-Touch Dimmer is a modern, compact and potent reading lamp that features an adjustable head, Soft Touch Technology™ on itsON/OFF switch and interchangeable plugs. The base of the lamp is pressofused Zamak, its head is pressofused aluminum and its diffuser is photoengraved methacrylate with an aluminate surround. Offering light flow intensity adjustment options (0%, 50% or 100%), the mini table lamp also features a power pack on its plug.

4. Archimoon Soft Table Lamp in Silver Aluminum

Archimoon Soft - Reading Lamp

Another gem from the treasure trove of Philippe Starck, the ArchimoonSoft is a “statement piece” that perches nicely atop any office or home table. The epitome of craftsmanship and lighting design, this smart table lamp brings together two worlds to deliver a modern-yet-timeless piece. The Archimoon’s flexible silver aluminum arm has heat-tempered strings that create parallel arm movement. And the stunning lampshade, made from high-quality Plissé cloth, is always facing downwards. The reading lamp also features an internal opal glass diffuser.

5. Chapo Table Lamp with USB Charger

Chapo Table Lamp - Stylish Reading Light

The suave hero enters the room.He takes his fine-looking hat off and expertly tosses it atop the hat stand in the corner. This stylish table lamp looks like it has come straight out of an old Hollywood movie. Masculine, handsome and sexy, Philippe Starck’s brings his theatrics into play with the Chapo. With that unmistakable retro look, the Chapo provides direct light and is made of an aluminum structure that includes a photo-etched diffuser. Its optical switch features the Soft Touch TechnologyTM and the USB socket helps you charge your smartphones and tablets. With different hat options, you can change its appearance and experiment with the look you want to achieve in your indoor reading space.

Rather than looking at table lamps as decorative pieces that emit vague light, FLOS USA features a range of modern table lamps and contemporary reading lamps that are minimalistic, versatile and effectual. Explore our variety of lighting fixtures for your study, bedroom, living room, office desk and conference rooms. Take your pick, order online and we will ship it to your doorstep for free.

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