Illuminate Your Exteriors Space with Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Illuminate Your Exteriors Space with Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

22nd Mar 2019

Never judge a book by its cover, they say. But why not, we ask? When it comes to homes, the outer area is just as important (if not more) as the indoors. And it is often the most-ignored regions of the house. While it might seem obvious to simply put up functional and mundane lights wherever necessary, outdoor lighting can be much more fun and interesting than that.

Define the Purpose That Your Outdoor Lighting Will Serve

Try answering a few questions before you illuminate the exterior regions of your home with lighting fixtures. The most important point to evaluating the purpose of outdoor lighting.

Do you want to put up bright lights to maximize the effectiveness of your home security system?

If your house is located in a relatively remote area or on a street that has very little street lighting, you need an efficient set of lights to feel safe.

Are you simply looking to add a dash of elegance that complements the make of your house architecture?

In this case, it is best to look for lighting fixtures that illuminate the outer areas effectively and look gorgeous with the design of your house.

Is your outdoor lighting expected to highlight and illuminate specific regions like the curb, pool, pathways, porch, patio, driveway and garden?

Here, you will need to identify these areas and go with a custom lighting plan for each one of them.

No matter what your purpose (and you could have all of the above as your purposes), the desired appearance, effect and scale are the three most important factors to look at.

Types of Contemporary Outdoor Lighting to Choose From

Uplighting is one of the most popular trends when it comes to modern outdoor lighting. It not only enables your home to stand out from the rest of its compatriots in an area, but also adds an element of glamour to the exteriors. If you want your house to stand out and be noticed, uplighting is the way to go.

Lanterns have their own unique charm and can add elegance to specific areas like the backyard, patio or garden. Lantern-style  modern outdoor light fixtures look absolutely attractive if the backdrop is a traditional home with country-style architecture. They look classy and enchanting, so there is hardly any scope for going wrong with this choice.

LED strips are the latest popular pick in terms of contemporary outdoor lighting for new homes. Décor experts, designers and architects advocate the use of modern LED lighting strips to softly illuminate outdoor seating areas and ledges.

Of course, you also have contemporary outdoor pendant lighting that can give your exterior dining areas, gardens and yards a romantic and warm touch.

4 Gorgeous Modern Outdoor Light Fixtures

Here are some fantastic contemporary outdoor lighting ideas and fixtures to illuminate your space. We recommend a mix of ambient lighting that provides an even, warm glow, along with task lighting that effectively highlight specific areas.

1. 45 ADJ LED 1 - Piece of Art by Tim Derhaag

45 ADJ LED 1 by Tim Derhaag - Modern Outdoor Lighting

A real gem from Tim Derhaag’s 45 ADJ family, the LED 1 variant is an excellent and unobtrusive addition to the garden area of your home. Its sleek and streamlined design offers direct/indirect light that is ideal for the exteriors of a house. With phosphor chromed non-corrosive protection, the L-shaped body, head and cap are durable and look great.

2. Belvedere Spot Single F2 - Stylish Light by Antonio Citterio and and Toan Nguyen

Belvedere Spot Single F2 - Exterior Lighting Fixtures

An outdoor light that comes with an adjustable projector for illuminating larger areas (such as your parking or driveway), this beauty belongs to Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen’s much-loved Belvedere family. It is ideal for outdoor regions that require a detailed light. The Belvedere Spot Single F2 combines innovative materials and a unique design.

3. Superarchimoon Outdoor - Fabulous Creation by Philippe Starck

Superarchimoon Outdoor by Philippe Starck - Modern Outdoor Lighting

It’s all about perspective isn’t it? The mighty  Superarchimoon makes its presence felt in the outdoors, whether you install it on your patio or to light up that spring/summer dinner you are hosting in the backyard. Philippe Starck’s compels us to look at the traditional desk lamp differently with this stunning creation, giving bystanders a novel perspective.

4. Ktribe Outdoor F3 - Innovation by Philippe Starck

Ktribe Outdoor F3 by Philippe Starck - Modern Outdoor Lights

Available in two magnificent finishes – the dual-toned Panama and the unique Green Wall – this  Ktribe Outdoor Light is designed to withstand harsh weathers and provide diffused light in outdoor settings. You can place this floor lamp out on the patio to add a warm dimension to the space.

In addition to the previously mentioned products and ideas, you can also experiment with contemporary outdoor sconces and  pendant lighting fixtures that complement your décor and outdoor landscape. The best way to gauge the impact of your selected outdoor lights is by taking a step back and look at them from a distance (or maybe from the neighbor’s house). It is important that you consider how these lights play with the natural light at different times of the day.

At FLOS, you can find several contemporary exterior light fixtures and outdoor lighting products that blend imagination and functionality. These modern outdoor light fixtures create an inviting environment, adding aesthetic appeal that doesn’t interfere with the beauty of natural light.

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