When Baroque Meets Modern

When Baroque Meets Modern

29th Nov 2017

Forward-thinking since its founding in 1962, FLOS is best known for designs that challenge expectations. With deep roots in modern style, FLOS lamps are naturally suited to the minimalist trend that has dominated interior design in the contemporary era. But industry trends don't perfectly reflect the enormous scope of preferences and personalities - and often one trend will contradict another. Excellence in design doesn't belong to any one aesthetic, and FLOS aims to be the solution to all lighting needs - not just those for the ultra-contemporary home. The true artistically unifying theme of FLOS designs is timelessness. See below how FLOS lighting can enhance the ornate, baroque or traditionally-inspired home.

Gatto Table Lamp

Geometric shape of Konstantin Grcic's  OK pendant light suits a traditional interior because of its lightweight structure. While not a strictly period look, the combination also feels natural because of the complementing yellow hues and how the adjustable disc of the OK lamp continues the sense of movement created by the shifting tones of the floor tiles. It's an effect that is at once familiar and unexpected.

Romeo Moon Floor Lamp by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck's  Romeo Moon floor lamp blends seamlessly into this elegant interior, with a shade that’s made of opal glass. The shade’s fluted design is romantic, and matches the intricate scrolling on the chair and other embellished furniture of the space. Designs from vastly different eras can coexist beautifully when unified through theme - in this case, a romantic, old-world feel.

Interior stylist Marie Olsson Nylander is a master of merging contemporary and traditional influences for a dramatic yet approachable effect. The perfect simplicity of Achille Castiglioni's  Arco floor lamp is elegant enough to counter the intricate detailing on the mirror. Nylander uses a neutral color palette to allow for more play between textures and shapes.

Gatto Table Lamp

Table lamp is another great example of how simple shapes can have a timeless appeal. Though the contrasting clear and opal glass of the lamp, also designed by Castiglioni, are not typical of traditional interior design, the essential, refined form easily suits a more conservative sensibility. Additionally, the absence of any metal components helps the table lamp to better blend with the older feel of the wooden piano and door. 

Tim Grey Interior Design puts a contemporary twist on classical forms, centering the room on a  Zeppelin chandelier by Marcel Wanders. Innovative use of materials - like Zeppelin's Cocoon resin and the alternating colors of the wooden floor - breathe new life into well-known styles. Whether creating a traditional or contemporary environment, the key is to choose designs that will stand the test of time. With superior performance, updated technology, and ageless style, FLOS designs will enhance a home for generations and through shifting trends. Start exploring.

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