Amazing LED Lighting for Homes

Amazing LED Lighting for Homes

29th Nov 2017

FLOFLOS Kelvin LED Floor Lamp

In just the past few years, LED lighting for homes has become popular for its cost-saving energy efficiency. The low power consumption reflected in your electric bill also means that LED lights have longer lives and require less maintenance. While traditional bulbs use power to heat an element until it shines, LED lights convert electricity directly. With normal use, an LED light fixture could keep things glowing for up to 10 years before needing new bulbs!

The environmental and economic benefits of LED lighting are clear, but what makes these light fixtures so popular in the design-minded home? Check out how LED lighting has created new opportunities for interior design that improve living and emphasize style.

LED Lighting Benefits: Whenever, Wherever

LED Wall Piercing by FLOS Soft Architecture

LED lighting offers advantages in every area of the home.

These low-maintenance bulbs are great for bringing exciting lighting to hard-to-reach places in the home like high ceilings or dramatic staircases. It’s easier to make a bold lighting choice when you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs on a ladder for another 25,000 hours!

LEDs also turn on quickly, with no “warm up” time, making them great options for a finished basement, kitchen, or home offices where task lighting may be needed. Your room should be ready to go as soon as you are, and LED table lamps or pendant lights make it easier on your eyes to get right to work. Plus, high efficiency means low heat, which makes LEDs great for lighting food, or as reading lamps that sit near to people on end tables and nightstands. Anyone who’s tried to adjust a hot desk lamp shade knows what a simple but necessary innovation this is.

In the case of general room lighting for very large areas, it’s worth noting that multiple LEDs are needed to match the brightness of a single incandescent bulb. However, even with the additional LED bulbs, which are far smaller than a typical light bulb, you’ll still cut energy use by about 80% compared to the traditional type.

One Direction

Unlike incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs emit light of only one wavelength direction – so there are no diffusers necessary. This frees up designers to create even more interesting shapes and styles for lighting, while still ensuring an even, steady source of functional lighting.

This simple way of emitting light also makes it easier to produce LEDs in a wide array of colors. Alter a room to look slightly warmer, like firelight, or cooler, like daylight, by selecting LEDs with tailored color quality. Or, for a creative setting, a full spectrum of colored lights could be installed to suit any mood. Many LED fixtures even allow for the lighting to display shifting colors and patterns, creating a work of art in the home.

Industry LED-ers

Inspired by LED’s exciting opportunities, FLOS has both designed new styles specifically for the technology and updated iconic designs for compatibility. It’s a big part of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. You can browse FLOS LED designs for the modern home that are both environmental and style-conscious here.

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