Art in Light | Modern Lighting Design

Art in Light | Modern Lighting Design

2nd Feb 2016

Contemporary light art goes beyond Jenny Holzer's projections

Jenny Holzer's Lighting Projections

Many of us are very familiar with Jenny Holzer's piercing light installations, scrolling or projecting provocative, self reflective or contemplative phrases in digital clarity, at often eye catching scales. The importance of light in contemporary art is massive, with artist exploring the farthest reaches of what light can accomplish to the naked eye. Here are some lesser-known names that work in highly respectable grandeur.

Anthony McCall

Anthony McCall -  Lighting Installations

UK-born and New York City-based McCall's signature work, You and I, Horizontal and subsequent Between You and I (pictured above) aresculptural light installations that invite viewers to walk in, around and through. The artist has evolved the pieces with the idea that "even as you explore it, it will slowly move and change."

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez Installation

Cruz-Diez's Chromosaturation installation play with color and space, with three separate color rooms: red, green and blue. Using monochromatic spaces to awaken the viewers perception of color and light. "Color becomes a situation happening in space."

Jim Campbell

San Francisco-based Jim Campbell takes a lo-res approach to light design. Often ultra-pixellated, Campbell's work finds beauty in shadowy figures in grids of light and wire, for a breathtakingly impactful effect. "I'm more interested in rhythm and light than the perception of images and details."

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