Architectural Lighting: Style Joins Performance in The Running Magnet

Architectural Lighting: Style Joins Performance in The Running Magnet

3rd Feb 2016

Running Magnet by FLOS Architectural

The Running Magnet by FLOS Architectural derives its name from its unique system where LED lighting modules is housed on a series of tracks through magnets, allowing total mobility for the lighting modules. This feature makes The Running Magnet an extremely versatile product -- the user can vary the distribution of the lighting modules and easily add or take away lights along the track as needed. The series also can produce either ambient lighting or accent lighting, depending on the setting or environment it is installed in.

The Running Magnet is available as Suspended Installation with Indirect Lighting and New Wall-washer Module

Running Magnet Wall Washer Module - FLOS Architectural

All the unique features of the The Running Magnet are available in a suspended version, compatible as a system as well as a single luminaire. The suspended channel is enhanced by the touch of an integrated LED indirect up-lighting to create a warmer light. The wide luminaire is enhanced with a brand new asymmetric wall-washer module for ceiling installation and is also available as stand alone luminaire, specifically designed for recessed installation to illuminate vertical walls. It is available in different lengths.

The structural tracks of the suspended The Running Magnet are made with an extruded aluminum profile, painted in black or white, provided with a graphite electric track fed at 24V, on which all magnetic luminaries are installed simply by insertion.

In the suspended version, all track modules are provided with integrated LED modules for indirect up illumination.

Please contact a FLOS Architectural representative on this list for more information.

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