Architectural Lighting: Soft Architecture Collection

Architectural Lighting: Soft Architecture Collection

3rd Feb 2016

The Flos Soft Architecture collection is the result of an in-depth lighting and technical research on the use of eco-friendly materials and is certified Cradle-to-Cradle with a low impact on the environment.

Flos Soft Architecture is a perfect fusion of substance and energy and benefits from the most advanced energy saving light sources available today (LED, Remote Phosphor LED, Power LED, cold cathode, compact fluorescent, halogens, IRC/ES).

The collection encompasses over 5 unique styles and is easily customized to quite the environment it is installed in.

Wall Piercing by Ron Gilad - FLOS  Architectural

Among this unique collection of lighting design, the Wall Rupture designed by Thierry Dreyfus, focusing on light at its most physical and tangible, a surface with an evocative crack as though penetrated by a beam of light, has captured the imagination of the public everywhere it's been shown.

Soft Spun Floor Lamp - FLOS Soft Architecture

Wall Rupture Ligting - FLOS  Architectural

Drawing on forms of expression closely linked to contemporary art, the artist has created a striking and powerfully sculptural light installation. Like the Hommage table from which Dreyfus draws his inspiration, Wall Rupture also creates an atmosphere in interiors where suggestions from the world of nature - think of the power of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions - are combined with the precision and formal rigor of a full-blown architectural project. This highly original light installation adds a bold and unexpected artistic flourish to interiors.

According to Dreyfus, “Wall Rupture is an invisible lamp, like a secret fissure in the wall which reveals the roof of the world in jagged relief. Golden or silvery, the crack transforms materiality into light.”

Wall Rupture Column by Thierry Dreyfus - FLOS Architectural Lighting

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