Ages 8 to 80: Play and Design

If you've ever seen the way a little one's face lights up at the movie theater, playground, or park, you'll know that kids can be greatly influenced by their environments. Little people have big emotions. The desire to learn and play drive children to interact with their surroundings, offering an important lesson for adults: pay attention to what's around you. Lighting is so often placed out of reach, suspended from the ceiling, or planted in the corner, and yet these are the objects that demand the most day-to-day interaction: turning on or off, adjusting angles, setting a dimmer. What if adults approached these tasks with the excitement of a child discovering an object for the first time? FLOS designs encourage playfulness with whimsical shapes, tactile textures, and unexpected functionalities that challenge the notion of lighting as a static design element. Below, see a few of our most engaging designs, suitable for all ages:

May Day

Konstantin Grcic designed May Day to endure emergencies, resulting in a lamp that stands up to daily adventures. The easy-to-hold handle begs to be picked up, and the mobility makes this one of FLOS's most active designs. Both durable and delightful, practical features like built-in cord storage alongside bright colors and clean shapes are as at home in the garden as in the living room.

Bibliotheque National

Philippe Starck's Bibliotheque National is something straight from the pages of a fairy tale. The designer himself has called it a "magic bookcase where the books take flight toward the light." Whether it's stacked with magazines, novels, or charging devices, this whimsical floor lamp becomes a part of the narrative experience, redefining the term "reading lamp".


Chapo has an irreverent charm, calling to mind the retro gesture of tossing a hat onto a stand. The lamp's style, character and shape all change depending on the hat that is placed on top of it, inviting the user to make a new statement every day.


Another active design by Konstantin Grcic, the OK modern pendant lamp moves vertically and is directable to a full 360 degrees. Inspired by the Parentesi lamp, Grcic rethinks the traditional light bulb form for an updated look and integration with daily life. Slide the lamp up high and angle down for general lighting, or bring it low and turn towards reading materials - choice and personality define OK.


The exaggerated scale of Achille Castiglioni's iconic Lampadina table lamp displays a smart sense of humor that's just as much fun for adults as kids. The base, reminiscent of a Super-8 film reel, provides clever storage for the cord. On a desk, bookshelf, bedside table, or more, Lampadina quickly becomes a favorite tool and companion.

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Ages 8 to 80: Play and Design
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