LED 101: Facts About LED Lights

What do you need to know about LEDs? Everything. LED lights—or Light Emitting Diodes—are innovative light sources that use electronic components called diodes to produce light directly. Other bulbs us … read more

You’re So Smart: Forecasting Lighting Trends

Lighting has never been so smart: In the last two years, experts have noticed a significant upswing in the availability and use of smart lighting solutions—in homes, businesses, commercially, and in p … read more

Your LED IQ: How to Avoid Mistakes When Buying LED Lights

You’ve bought light bulbs before—is it really so different when you’re buying LED lights? Yes, obviously. Why else would we bring it up? Here’s what you need to know about buying LED.It’s all about lu … read more

Not the Brightest Bulb: Wattage vs. Lumens

It seems simple enough: You want brighter light, you buy a higher wattage bulb, right? Wrong. It’s time for a lesson on watts vs. lumensWhat’s a Watt?Watts are the measurement units of power consumpti … read more

2018: What are the biggest trends in lighting?

The future is bright when it comes to lighting trends—literally. Here’s what is just ahead in the world of lighting technology.Li-Fi: Your WiFi is so 2017. In the coming months, listen for new on Li-F … read more
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