Watt Are You Talking About: A Guide to Light Bulbs

The light bulb has long been known as a great idea - in fact, we even use its image to symbolize… wait for it… a great idea. Innovations in energy efficiency, lifespan, and design have only served to … read more

Getting to Know You: Lighting Basics

Light is one of those things: when it’s right, you may not even notice its brilliance, but when it’s wrong, there’s little else you can focus on (literally). By knowing the basics, you can always choo … read more

Create Your Space: How to Light Personal Spaces

Lighting your space is a deeply personal experience that ultimately comes down to preference. Here are a few tricks to getting yours right:Choose Your Hue: Are you looking for a more energetic en … read more

Commercial Lighting: Why It’s So Important

As with any space, commercial spaces need to set the right mood, and lighting is a key part of that. Here’s why:Customers should be, first and foremost, comfortable. They should have enough light to s … read more
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