How to Illuminate the Living Room Lighting Like an Expert

The “living” room is perhaps the most important and frequently -used room of any home. It serves multiple purposes, thus making it a versatile living space, too. From watching television to reading no … read more

Light It Up: Light and Safety

From your porch light to the pendant over your kitchen counter, lights lend to the overall safety within and around your home. Porch Light  A porch light enables safe passage across steps and … read more
Light It Up: Light and Safety

Light-Headed: How Your Light Affects Your Moods

Sure, candlelight is romantic—but the true effect of light on our emotions and moods goes far deeper than you may expect. Here’s how light affects our emotions:It’s Food for Moods: Ever notice yo … read more
Light-Headed: How Your Light Affects Your Moods

Tough Choice: How to Choose LED vs. Halogen Lights

You’ve found the perfect lamp—so, do you put an LED or Halogen bulb in it? Here’s what you need to know.Halogen bulbs last up to 2,000 hours, which is twice as much as incandescent bulbs but not as lo … read more

LED 101: Facts About LED Lights

What do you need to know about LEDs? Everything. LED lights—or Light Emitting Diodes—are innovative light sources that use electronic components called diodes to produce light directly. Other bulbs us … read more
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