7 of the Best Contemporary LED Desk Lamps for Your Home or Office

7 of the Best Contemporary LED Desk Lamps for Your Home or Office

10th May 2019

Selecting the right desk lamps can be a daunting task, thanks to the plethora of choices available to you in stores and online. With options including vintage classics, timeless designs, modern LED desk lamps, adjustable fixtures, compact contemporary desk lamps and more, picking one or two can get really difficult.

Here are a few things to consider when you face such a dilemma:

  • Purpose
  • Aesthetics
  • Size
  • Intensity
  • Supply
  • Additional Features

Here is a list of contemporary desk lamps that are stunning and functional. Read on to find out our experts’ picks.

List of 7 Contemporary Desk Lamps for Your Home or Office

1. Kelvin LED Green Mode I

When you talk about table lamps, the image of the Kelvin family automatically comes to mind. A contemporary desk lamp that has become an iconic symbol of art-meets-technology, the Kelvin LED Green Mode I is a cutting-edge fixture that sports features like Motion Detector, Daylight Sensor and FLOStouchTM Technology. Its outer head is made from die-cast aluminum and has an injection-molded diffuser. This adjustable table lamp provides direct lighting and automatically adjusts its light output by responding to the brightness of the surface it is illuminating.

Kelvin LED Green Mode I - Modern Office Desk Lamp

2. Kelvin Edge

As the name suggests, the latest addition to the Kelvin LED table lamps family has an edge over its contemporaries.

While this is a relatively sleeker and smaller design, the Kelvin Edge does not sacrifice on its output. With the exclusive Edge Lighting TechnologyTM from which it derives its name, Kelvin Edge Lamp combines form and functionality to provide direct light. Featuring an aluminum-painted or chromed body with die-cast head, joints, forks and extruded arms. This iconic desk lamp’s optical switch sensor offers a 3-step dimming function and color temperature adjustment (2700K or 3200K). With a 150-cm-long power cord, Kelvin Edge is perfect for your work table. It does not compromise on the emission magnitude and intensity of its predecessors, thus helping create a brilliant and balanced glow. Blending industrial style with state-of-the-art technology comes naturally to the designers of this lamp and with Kelvin Edge, they prove that “petite can be powerful.”

Kelvin Edge Designer Desk Lamp

3. Mini Kelvin LED

The tiniest-yet-potent member of the Kelvin LED family of contemporary desk lamps, this little beauty takes Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen’s creation a step further. Its pressofused aluminum adjustable head and pressofused Zamak base are designed to amaze. The lamp’s diffuser is photoengraved methacrylate with an aluminate surround and it also features a power pack on the plug, making it one of the most sought-after modern table lamps in the market. Its switch is empowered with the Soft Touch technology and the lamp also features interchangeable plugs. This Mini Kelvin LED table lamp by FLOS is ideal for relatively smaller desks and compact rooms. You can adjust the light flow according to your preferred intensity (50% or 100%). In designer Antonio Citterio’s words, “The Kelvin takes its design cue from a clamp, which becomes the base, and which explicitly evokes the image of a technical object, with an engineering matrix, inspired by bridges and tensile structures.”

Mini Kelvin Contemporary Led Desk Lamp

4. D'E Light

Here is another ultramodern LED desk lamp from the treasure trove of creations by artist Philippe Starck. The D’E Light offers a fresh perspective on how we can utilize the objects around us, blending aesthetics and technology. It not only functions as an efficient desk lamp, but also serves as a charging device for Apple as well as non-Apple devices. The fixture provides an optimally-oriented light flow that delivers unparalleled comfort and warmth. The light output can be adjusted in two intensities (50 or 100 percent). Its on/off switch features the Soft Touch TechnologyTM.

D'E Light - Contemporary Desk Lamp

5. Tab T

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Tab family challenges the status quo and offers originality and innovation in equal measure. The Tab T is a table lamp that embodies innovation. With a body painted with pressofused aluminum and an adjustable head with a ±45-degree rotation capability, Tab T is a modern design that breaks the stereotype of a table lamp. Made for contemporary living and working spaces, the light’s streamlined multi-LED diffuser is specially designed Polymethyl methacrylate that avoids the multi-shadow effect.

Tab T Modern Table Lamps

6. Snoopy

What could be better than a Snoopy table lamp that livens up the atmosphere around your desk? This endearing desk light is Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s tribute to the famous cartoon character and is a favorite among FLOS customers. Since 1967 (when it was first released), the Snoopy has been a popular desk lamp in home settings as well as modern commercial spaces. Featuring a curved aluminum reflector perched on a Carrara marble base, a green finish was recently added to this playful collection. Available in both black and green finishes, this desk fixture offers direct light via its enameled reflector and glass disk. The lamp, accented by three cooling holes that resemble a bowling ball, also features an internal dimmer and switch.

Snoopy Iconic Desk Lamp

7. Goldman

The Goldman by Ron Gilad is inspired by the classic “banker’s lamp” . Recreating the legendary lamp, the designer has perfectly captured its spirit using modern, innovative materials. With an alluring shape and a sleek aluminum body, this bestseller features clear methacrylate diffusers. Its power supply cable is 2.5 m long and comes on a plug with interchangeable sockets. One of the highlighting features of this contemporary desk lamp is the built-in USB plug. Known for incorporating technological details, Ron Gilad also introduced the Soft Touch technology for the lamp’s dimmable optical switch.

Goldman Iconic Desk Lamp

Modern and sleek, these desk lamps go beyond light to up the ante on supreme functionality. At FLOS, we believe in offering only the best of lighting designs created by internationally-acclaimed designers. Browse through our massive range of modern table lamps here.

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