5 Things You Should Know Before Hanging a Pendant Light

31st Jul 2018

Hanging pendant lights are one of our favorites: They create a pleasant ambience, they provide task lighting—basically, they’re always right. Here’s what you should know before you install yours.

Its Job: What will this light be doing? Is it purely decorative or will it be used in your work? Knowing what you need will help you choose the best location for the light, such as over a table, and determine if you should hang a solo pendant or a group. And, a lamp’s intended purpose affects product selection. In general, you may need brighter light sources for task lighting than accent lighting.

Its environment: To choose the right proportion, you have to have a solid idea of your space. A small hanging light fixtures are on a high ceiling won’t offer much illumination, so make sure you’re choosing the right light for each space.

Its surroundings: Consider the elements around your light. Will it be in a kitchen, near grease, smoke, and oil? Knowing what will come into contact with your light will help determine the right height to keep it safest. A lamp’s surroundings will also influence the lighting color selection. For example: Warm white works well in bedrooms, and cool white is perfect for prep areas.

Its partners: What other light sources are in the environment? Do you have uplighting, canister lights, or LED under the counters? All of this will determine how you experience the light from your pendant light. It’s important to use caution when mixing color temperatures. Some blend well, others clash. Your best bet is always to connect with a lighting designer who can help create a design plan for your home.

Its accessibility: Will you be able to clean your pendant and replace bulbs easily? It sounds simple, but it’s a consideration you want to make when you’re planning to hang your light, instead of when you’re struggling in the dark.

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