5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LED lights

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LED lights

Posted by FLOS USA on 24th Sep 2019

LED lights are no doubt the future of illumination. They are energy-efficient, sustainable, and can brighten up any room – whether a magnificent chandelier, an elegant floor lamp, or a decorative table lamp – LED lamps can be a perfect fit for most settings.

Why Should You Be Using LED Lights?

  1. Energy Efficiency Technology – Modern LED lights require less energy tor power as compared to other forms of lighting such as CFL bulbs, and incandescent lights, thus saving on electricity costs. In a world where power crisis are looming on the horizon, this massive benefit cannot be overlooked.
  2. Longevity – Not only do LEDs save power, but they also last longer. Endurance is a key benefit that comes from using these lights. As per one study, if you use LED lights for 10 hours a day, they will last close to fourteen years. That is quite the lifespan, and this means that you don’t need to change it frequently.
  3. Flexibility – Controlling LED lights is easy, and they help create several alluring effects. From pulse and brightness to color and distribution, everything can be controlled for easy alterations to suit your needs and moods.
  4. Environment Benefits – They don’t contain harmful substances such as toxic mercury. Implying that LED lights are usually 100% recyclable – a big plus.
  5. Safe and Affordable – LED lights are safe as they emit minimal or almost no UV light. And, they are cost-effective as compared to incandescent lights.

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Clearly, LED lights are stacked to the brim when it comes to benefits and advantages. So now that you know why you should opt for LED fixtures, here are some examples for you to explore.

  • Light Bell LED Dimmable Pendant Light

Designed by Piero Lissoni, FLOS  Light Bell is a modern LED pendant with a classic bell shape and a minimalist charm. With concrete and glass finishes available, it is an elegant low-energy, high performance light. A 13 ft black cord and usage of aluminum in its construction add to that stylish yet understated appeal.

Light Bell Modern LED Pendant by Piero Lissoni

  • Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic

Taking the concept of a traditional stacked lamp and turning it into a symphony of die-cast aluminum and blown crystal,  Noctambule is Konstantin Grcic’s latest oeuvre d'art. This sculptural, decorative LED light for homes comes with a dimmable LED pendant light column design to customize a suspended lamp or a standing unit. You can even choose from a dome or cone shaped head.

  • Sawaru Directional and Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

From famed Japanese studio - Nendo, comes an LED floor lamp that is an art piece masquerading as a lighting fixture. In  Sawaru, you get two aluminum cylinders finished in black, together to create a light that is elegant, classy, and eye-catching. A dimmer pedal switch gives you control of light intensity and color temperature. The light can be mounted in various angles, and the support cylinder can also be removed if you wish to use it as a perfectly perpendicular floor lamp.

Sawaru LED Floor Lamp by Nendo

  • D'E-Light LED Table Lamp

Smooth clean lines, an aluminum and zamak body, and an avant-garde chrome finish lends the  D’E-Light by Philippe Starck an exquisitely contemporary aesthetic. As with any modern designer LED light, this lamp boasts some new-age features: to control intensity in two steps and as a charging station with connectivity options for smartphones. The D’E-Light is equipped with Soft Touch Technology™ integrated into the on/off switch for maximum comfort.

  • The Bon Jour Unplugged Wireless LED Table Lamp

Breathing new life in the Bon Jour table lamp, Philippe Starck has created the  Bon Jour Unplugged. You can carry this beauty anywhere and use it in any environment. Crafted for maximum aesthetic and visual comfort, this new member of the Bon Jour family offers effortless control over the intensity of direct light. Bon Jour Unplugged gleams with sleek and pure light that can be paired with a transparent, yellow, amber, or can be pleated with a fabric crown - express your creativity with its timeless elegance. It comes in four hues - white, chrome, matte chrome, and copper. The base features a micro-USB connector that recharges the battery in three hours and lasts up to six hours.

  • Bellhop Portable LED Table Lamp

Evoking the sheer elegance of a candle, FLOS  Bellhop was originally designed by artists Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for the London Design Museum. This wireless, chargeable lamp casts a pool of direct light wherever it goes. An epitome of minimalism, you can style it based on your preference.

Bellhop LED Table Lamp by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

  • The Gaku LED Table Lamp

Another Nendo creation, the  modular Gaku is set in an open ash frame opens up a world of options where lighting components and accessories can be customized as per your needs. The wireless model features an induction charger in the frame as well as a four-level brightness control dimmer.

These LED creations by some of the most renowned designers have made room for style and comfort in our homes with the added benefit of saving energy. This selection of LED-powered  modern lighting options is revolutionizing the way we light up our lives.

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