5 Floor Lamps Interior Designers Love

Well-chosen lighting can transform a room from ordinary living space to a truly impactful environment. Interior Designers know that the best contemporary floor lamps combine high functionality with high style to become an essential part of a room's look and feel, especially in minimalist designs where the individual elements receive a lot of attention. Their expertise guides them in selecting perfect floor lamps to complete a look, and many choose one of FLOS's time-tested and innovative styles. Check out a few designer favorites from FLOS's outstanding collection, and be inspired by fresh contemporary lighting ideas.

1. Arco by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

(image source: PEEK Architecture + Design Ltd via Houzz)

PEEK Architecture + Design elevates a townhouse basement with a luxurious modern aesthetic and the sleek curves of the iconic Arco floor lamp. One of the most famous FLOS designs, Arco's personality is surprisingly versatile, as seen in the ultra-modern living room below, making it a favorite among contemporary living room lamps.

(photo by Marco Joe Fazio, LBIPP, www.marcojoefazio.com all rights reserved)

2. Toio by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

(image source: Ruhl Walker Architects via Houzz)

The delicate shape and exposed lines of mid-century stunner Toio perfectly balance the ornate decorative table above, while enhancing the contemporary character of the in-home theater below. Is it any wonder Toio is iconic among decorative floor lamps?

(image source: West Chin Architects + Interior Designers via Houzz)

3.Kelvin F LED by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen

Environmentally friendly and classically proportioned, the Kelvin LED Floor Lamp is ideal as a reading lamp, whether by the sofa or at the bedside like in the hotel pictured below.

(image source: AO Studios via Instagram)

4. Glo Ball F by Jasper Morrison

(image source: Casey Fierro Architects via Houzz)

Jasper Morrison's Glo Ball F is a subtle yet effective character in streamlined rooms like Jasper Morrison's own modern studio above.

5. Superarchimoon by Philippe Starck

(image source: Geraldine Morley Interior Design via Houzz)

A Scandinavian-inspired dining room is framed by Superarchimoon for a dramatic yet understated effect, creating a tension in the room that feels unusually exciting for such a minimalist concept. In a busier setting, like the office below, Philippe Starck's modern lighting design makes a big statement of style.

Take a cue from the designers in the know and explore more FLOS floor lamp designs that will complete your home.

5 Floor Lamps Interior Designers Love
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