5 Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

22nd Oct 2019

Luxury lighting designs are responsible for making or breaking the aesthetic balance of a room. All your thoughtful curations like – color palettes for the walls, matching contemporary furniture, vibrant art pieces, can be undone with bad lightings. To avoid this, we have compiled a list of what’s not to be done while choosing your contemporary lights.

  1. Singular Light Source: Just one source of light may not be enough to light up an entire room. The most common lighting mistake that people make is using one spectacular source and hope that it will suffice for a big space – leading to a situation where a part of the room is well lit, and the other part is left in shadows. No matter how tempting a single gorgeous piece of Italian lighting is, spread the workload around.
  2. Too Many Light Sources: Too many light sources bouncing off the walls can create more radiance than required. This can lead to discomfort and visual fatigue – both very undesirable qualities if you are going for a well-lit room. So, while just a single source isn't the answer, going all-out may not be appealing either.
  3. Right Place, Wrong Size: Size is crucial. The spread of light must match the space it is covering. Pick your lighting fixtures wisely to ensure that it spreads out evenly.
  4. Space to Light Balance: If you have a closet that needs to be lit, figure out the depth to which you want to light it, add contemporary LED lighting and point the light inward. Your light needs to fill the space it occupies, if it doesn't, even the best modern lighting will look out of place.
  5. Sacrificing Function for Form: Make sure the lighting design fulfill their primary purpose to provide light. So, no desk lamps in the playroom, no chandeliers in the kitchen, and no recessed lights in the dining area.

Start by figuring out where you have a void and need to bring balance and clarity to the room. Find the ideal lighting fixtures to suit your interior needs. Consult our team to ensure you're avoiding mistakes when installing  modern lighting.

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