4 Ways To Use Contemporary Kitchen Pendant Lights

4 Ways To Use Contemporary Kitchen Pendant Lights

29th Nov 2017

As designated spots to eat, drink and gather, the kitchen and dining areas often become focal points of the home. Careful consideration of lighting in these spaces is essential to establish a warm, inviting atmosphere that both welcomes guests into the home and creates a familiar haven for household members.

From sipping morning coffee to preparing meals and hosting guests, these areas provide space for many everyday tasks. Despite the presence of seemingly mundane tasks, contemporary kitchen hanging lights does not have to be purely functional or uninspiring. To the contrary, the use of modern pendant lighting in these spaces can foster inspiring environments for a range of potential tasks.

Check out our inspirational modern kitchen lighting ideas:

Fucsia 1 Modern Pendant Lamp by Achille Castiglioni: Timeless Elegance

Fucsia 1 Contemporary Kitchen Pendant Lights

Fucsia pendant lighting creates a timeless interior that feels polished and elegant while still offering the functional task lighting needed for meal preparation.

For luxury kitchens with floor to ceiling windows that let in large amounts of natural light, delicate pendant lighting complements the space without adding an overwhelming brightness. Furthermore, pendant lighting with dimming capabilities and direct and diffused light options is beneficial in sunlit kitchens because the lighting can be adjusted with the transition from day to night.

AIM Modern Pendant Lighting by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec: Versatile Sophistication

AIM Contemporary Kitchen Hanging Lights

Another key consideration for luxury kitchen lighting is versatility. AIM lighting is simple and basic – lighting stripped to its core essence – which makes the light fit well with a variety of kitchen interiors.

Due to its adjustable cable, the head and light distribution can be easily “aimed” to cast a soft glow over mealtimes or provide more focused lighting for specific tasks. For multi-purpose modern kitchens, lighting that combines form, function and flexibility is an excellent contemporary solution.

2097 Pendant Lighting by Gino Sarfatti: Centering Balance

2097 Chandelier - Luxury Kitchen Lighting

Spacious, open-plan kitchen and dining areas can be centered around a unique chandelier that seamlessly unites the entire space. While chandeliers may be considered too old fashioned for the modern kitchen, a contemporary take on the traditional chandelier is anything but conventional.

Hanging elegantly above a dining table that seats eight, an ultra-modern chandelier commands attention, yet isn’t overpowering. The soft, warm glow from 2097 by Gino Sarfatti also complements the natural hardwood flooring and wood paneled cabinets. For larger dining areas, this centerpiece is ideal for establishing a welcoming atmosphere.

Skygarden S Modern Pendant Light by Marcel Wanders: Contemporary Personality

Skygarden S Modern Kitchen Lighting

Simplicity is beauty, especially in contemporary kitchens. However, there is no need to sacrifice unique personality in the modern kitchen for the sake of simplicity. Skygarden by Marcel Wanders makes a powerful impression not only due to its sheer size, but also because of the intricate detailing on the inside.

Modern Pendant lighting with unique details – in this case, an elaborate garden blooming inside the light – adds a unique surprise to a smooth and straightforward kitchen interior.

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