Bellhop Matte Black



Designed by

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Initially designed in 2018, British designers pay homage to the hatted hotel porter, where it gets its name.​



The sleek, portable, rechargeable, and wireless LED lamp gets a makeover with a new crisp iteration in the coolest colors and finishes. Make it your own, take a journey to connect your décor to natural elements. Let creativity dot your home with this little black light and symbol of modernity.  

Architectural Digest’s 2022 Cleverest Award Winner

Natural Stones Still life photography

Bellhop was chosen as representative of “the most beautiful, can’t-live-without-it useful, and fresh products” that made their debut this year.

“Another refresh of a more modern classic, the Italian-made Bellhop—designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby—received a fashion-forward update earlier this year that was inspired by the little black dress. Matte, a touch mysterious, and with a sophisticated look, this cheerful little lamp is equally practical: It can last a full 24 hours on a single charge.”

— Rachel Fletcher, Senior Commerce Editor, Architectural Digest

Experience the Bellhop through the eyes of New York creatives

“I’m trying to challenge myself to bring more color into my life; however, I’m creatively charged by black – I see it as a blank slate, it’s calming and intimate. Black is synonymous with being classic. Take the “Little Black Dress,” for example. Something so timeless
because of the color is deemed the most versatile and sustainable thing a person can have in their closet. It’s timeless.”

— Jessi Frederick, Artist & Photographer

“Black makes me feel anchored. I love building a foundation of an idea I am feeling directly on paper with a black pen. That can be with words, or sketching, or an illustration. But it starts with black ink. Black makes my work feel tangible, real. And I rely on that as a starting point every morning.”

— Beverly Nguyen, Stylist

“I think of colors subconsciously when I create. Black can easily relate to sadness, but it can also evoke simplicity, luxury and elegance. It feels bold and powerful. To me, the color black can feel sophisticated and classic.”

— Shereen Mohammad, Model & Artisan

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