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Meet the juggler

Inspired by a juggler moving and balancing a ball at astonishing angles & reminiscent of a juggling act where both sphere and baton are deftly poised, the IC Lights T1 is the brainchild of designer Michael Anastassiades.

Supported by a brassed steel frame, the sphere made of expertly mouth blown opaline glass sheds diffused light across any space. The letters “IC” signify the identity code used to assess immigrants entering the UK and thus add an element of their story of having to juggle to conform to new society and its demands. Want to know more about the “light with a story”?

IC Lights


Peep into the world of FLOS; browse through our entire range of products, designers and installations. What’s more, you’ll find some of the most incredible design-related pins that will leave you asking for more. And we will give you more. See now.

Flos Pinterest


Light captured brilliantly: This magical piece feels like an illusion, yet functions like a lamp.



When aluminum, stainless steel & marble come together to strike a stunning partnership, Arco is what you get.

A classic-yet-modern design by the Castiglioni brothers (inspired by a street light!), in production since 1962, the dapper Arco floor lamp scatters delightful elegance and adds a fresh dimension to any room it is placed in.

Its practicality is highlighted by its beautiful arch formed by the adjustable stem (extendable up to almost seven feet). The beveled corners of the Carrara marble base, a piece of contoured beauty in itself, which anchors this aluminum and stainless steel wonder. Make a date with Arco now!


Who doesn’t like gossip? From path-breaking works of art to pioneers in the world of design, and from the latest trends to the biggest events in the industry, Design Gossip is your one-stop hub for all-things-design. Read on to stay up-to-date about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of architectural, industrial and product design (and much more!).



Suspended elegance personified

The smash hit AIM is an exquisitely minimal ceiling pendant lamp designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. It augments the aesthetics of any location with its trendsetting and artistic appearance.

This, coupled with a functional realism that is evident in its ability to easily aim light at particular locations, makes the lamp one of a kind.

Take a look at these dangling beauties now!



From Italy to NYC – yet another delightful acquisition, yet another silken feather in the cap! With the NYC-based Lukas Lighting on board, FLOS has bolstered its already successful Architectural lighting division, tailoring every project according to the clients’ needs.

Read all about the acquisition and how our capabilities have multiplied through this recent development.

Lukas Lighting


We invite you to browse the glossary below which contains accessible definitions of the terms that are commonly used in the world of lighting, design and architecture. The descriptions for the terms, acronyms and nomenclature represent the meanings understood and shared by a majority of the lighting design community.